_Bouquet V__

"Bouquet I"

The first in this series, I started with the golden glow of the Yarrow clusters and went from there. The straw-like textures of grasses, thistles and asters are a guiding thread in this one.

"Bouquet I"

"Bouquet III"

This one began with the black, round pollen centers of the Sunflowers and Aenemone; I love the drama between the pale blue Roses and the saturated oranges.

_Bouquet III_

"Bouquet V'

I set out to make that lemon yellow pop, and what results is a dramatic mix of light and dark.

"Bouquet V"

"Bouquet II"

Poppies, while such a fleeting blossom, make for stunning contrast. This bouquet is about papery petals with veins of different line qualities, and that warm pink and orange glow. I so rarely work with these colors!

_Bouquet II_

"Bouquet IV"

Dusty pinks, dark violet and black will steal my heart every time.

"Bouquet IV"