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My love for growing sunflowers was fully realized this past summer -- my son helped me every step of the way, and I loved how we experienced such a massive shift in scale from seed to blossom! As the flowers towered above us, with over a dozen blooms on their branched stalks, we couldn't help but revel in their beauty-- and we enjoyed watching all the bees and goldfinches enjoy the flower centers, too.


I made this zine in the format of a seed packet; each envelope comes with 25-30 ornamental sunflower seeds that I harvested myself, along with a sheet of planting instructions, a sticker, and an 8-page fully illustrated wordless book about the growing process.


Limited edition of 25, each zine packet is signed, dated, and numbered.


Free shipping. Local delivery to area codes 19128, 19129 & 19144 only.

Grow Your Own Sunflowers Zine

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